Ticketomat® is an internet based self operating ticketing system!

As a Guest

As a ticket buyer, you will receive your tickets electronically by email as a PDF with an integrated QR code. You can print out the ticket or show it directly on the smartphone. The organizer scans your ticket at the entrance and you can check in. It doesn’t matter whether you bought the tickets on site or in advance. With a Ticketomat® Ticket you don’t have to wait at the cash desk and can simply check in.

On the one hand, guests can reserve and buy tickets online in advance or purchase them directly at the venue and do not have to stand at the cash register. In principle, Ticketomat® is also an online cash register at the venue. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the venue or on a poster and buy the ticket and redeem it at the event (As long as there are seats or space available).

As a Organizer

On the other hand, companies, organizers, managers, event organizers, guides, operators, municipalities, companies and more can easily use Ticketomat® for sell and redeem tickets and also for their online ticket management, guest management and advance sales. Safe, quick and easy.

As the organizer, you have a full overview of sales, admissions and reservations. Mit Ticketomat® you have a powerfull, robust online Ticketmanagement System. The tickets can be scanned with multiple smartphones without registration. The Account remains protected and can only be viewed end edited by the account holder.

No need of expensive software or hardware to use Ticketomat®. All you need is your smartphone.

Receiving Payments

After redeeming the tickets, the amount will be sent directly to your PayPal account. The Guest’s can pay with other payment methods too.

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