Ticketomat® is an internet-based, self-operating ticket system!

With integrated online booking, reservation and availability management as well as a QR code for checking in with one or more smartphones.

Suitable for

Events, guided tours and activities, admission to leisure activities and cultural events, tourism activities, overnight stays, hotels, busesand trains, mountain railways, ships, carpooling. and much, much more.


If a service is required against presentation of a valid ticket, Ticketomat® is a simple, fast and expandable solution.


Ticketomat® is versatile. From a one-off, recurring or multi-day event to seasonal or permanently accessible offers. Without restrictions.

On every website

You can integrate Ticketomat® for ticket sales on any website or simply use your own ticket shop on Ticketomat.com. On request with your own URL.

QR code check-in

After payment, the ticket buyer receives the tickets electronically by e-mail with an integrated QR code. The tickets can be printed out or shown directly on the smartphone. The ticket is scanned at the entrance or at check-in, verified and registered in your account.

Transparent and safe

You have a complete overview of sales, admissions and reservations. With Ticketomat® you have a powerful, robust online ticket management system. For larger events or different entrances, the tickets can be scanned with several smartphones in check-in mode. Without releasing access to the organizer account.


We support you at every step. 24 hours and 7 days a week.

No expensive software or hardware is required to use Ticketomat®. All you need is your smartphone.